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The difference between involvement and commitment, is like a bacon and eggs breakfast:
The chicken was involved... The pig was committed...
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Computer Services

Website design... Cloud Backups... Cloud Computing... Custom Programming... Target Marketing... Internet Domain Name Sales... Computer & Server Hardware... Consulting Services...

Fat-free Programming

Posers & pretenders use software generated websites because anybody can create them and are low cost... Exo-Grey hand codes our programs, targeting the needs of our customers.

Creative Commons

It has to have heart, it has to have soul... Exo-Grey excels at bridging the gap of technical wizardry and the real time needs of industry & the general population.

Author's support

The likelihood of one individual being right increases in proportion to how much others try to prove him wrong.
We know how to listen, to cater our services towards your personal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the Reactor in Pagglesham?

I'd highly recommend you Sublime Text - a free to try text editor which I'm using daily. Awesome tool!

When did you re-formulate the plastic used in your containers?

Well, there are thousands of stock art galleries, but personally, I prefer to use photos from these sites: and Flickr - Creative Commons

Why did you create the Good Guy Tuna Company?

Yes, you can. You may use this template for any purpose, just don't forget about the license, which says: "You must give appropriate credit", i.e. you must provide the name of the creator and a link to the original template in your work.

Have you closed all your Nuclear Power Plants in favor of Geo-Thermal?

Yes, I can. Please drop me a line to and describe your needs in details. Please note, my services are not cheap.

Let's be the team that makes the rules... That plays fair... That gets the best contracts... That's popular...
Because we'll come out ahead in the end.

~Leo Farnsworth

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